Buy Tents - MyTent: Home & Garden

Throwing a party? Have a garden or roof terrace that could be transformed into a cozy covered space? Or perhaps you just want to be able to get more out of your garden over the winter months?

MyTent can put up your small canopy for each of your events or install a tent year round. Either way, we have a solution for you.

We’ll take all of the stress out of erecting, taking down and looking after a stretch tent for you. We’ll design the tent, come and install it on its first rig, fit all of the anchors and fittings and then leave it with you until you ask us to come and take it down. We’ll clean and store the tent while not in use and await your  call for your next party.


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Buy Tents - MyTent: Tent Management

Whether you have a tent that has been custom designed to fit your space exactly, or if you have a tent that gets put up and down in different locations we’ll provide the same level of service.

MyTent is a service designed to take the stress out of owning a tent. We’ll provide all of the services you would expect when hiring a tent, but this tent belongs to you.

From design, installation, removal, cleaning, storing and repair, we provide the full service so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Tents that are up for long periods of time 6 months + – We’ll arrange for a MyTent team to come and check the tent and replace ropes at least once a year. It’s often a good idea to have the tent cleaned annually to keep it looking its best so this is also a good time to refresh the rope and hardware that we use to rig the tent with.


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Buy Tents - MyTent: Pubs & Venues

Custom made stretch canopies are perfect for weatherproofing your outdoor area over winter or providing sun shade during the summer. With limitless possibilities and a striking visual impact, a stretch tent designed and fitted to your space will really make you stand out from the crowd.

There are a range of colours available, plus the option to brand the tent with your company logo or brand identity. 

Our Management package includes re-installation, removal, tent cleaning, drying and repair. We’ll even store the tent for you when it’s not up. 

Either rigged year round, seasonally or installed and removed when booked out by your clients; a custom stretch tent and MyTent management package will combine style with protection with minimal fuss.

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Buy Tents - MyTent: Brands & Tours

MyTent offers an unrivalled service to corporate and industry clients wanting to own a stretch tent for brand or sponsor areas, product launches, bars or concession sites.

At Intent, we’ll design a tent for you based on your specifications and branding; print a company or sponsor logo onto your tent, or even colour-match fabrics on large orders.

View the finished look before your stretch tent is manufactured with one of our 3D designs, floor plans or elevations.

Our management services take the stress out of your big projects; we’ll rig your tent wherever you need it, take it down, clean and store it whenever you want it moved.

Whatever your needs, we’ll be there with your tent when you need us.

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Buy Tents - MyTent: Design & Branding

A Tailor-made Stretch Tent

At Intent, we are experts at designing and fitting a stretch tents bespoke for spaces or purposes. Whether custom cut and designed for a specific area or tailor made for a tour of events – we’ll get things right for you.

We’ll produce 3D renders of tents either in your space or designed around your internal requirements. We’ll provide elevations, pole plans and rigging configurations if you need them.  We offer a range of standard colours – Chino, Platinum, Black, White, Red and Yellow. We also offer a custom colour matching service for order runs over 600SQM. We can digitally print your branding on the inside or outside of the tent and even make custom additions for your tent like colour matched poles socks.

Whether installed in a specific space or out on various festival or event sites we’ll install and sign off to the highest safety standards and using the best rigging equipment for the job.