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A Tailor-made Stretch Tent

At Intent, we are experts at designing and fitting a stretch tents bespoke for spaces or purposes. Whether custom cut and designed for a specific area or tailor made for a tour of events – we’ll get things right for you.

We’ll produce 3D renders of tents either in your space or designed around your internal requirements. We’ll provide elevations, pole plans and rigging configurations if you need them.  We offer a range of standard colours – Chino, Platinum, Black, White, Red and Yellow. We also offer a custom colour matching service for order runs over 600SQM. We can digitally print your branding on the inside or outside of the tent and even make custom additions for your tent like colour matched poles socks.

Whether installed in a specific space or out on various festival or event sites we’ll install and sign off to the highest safety standards and using the best rigging equipment for the job.