Buy a Stretch Tent

Pubs, Venues & Businesses

Fitted Stretch Tents for Pubs, Venues and Businesses


  • Perfect weather protection
  • Tailor-made for your space
  • Seasonal or year round cover
  • Lighting and heating available
  • Choice of colours
  • Branding options
  • Fully managed


Brands, Tours & Corporate

Brands, Tours & Live Events


  • Fully branded and colour-matched stretch tents
  • Tour scheduling
  • Fully managed  installations
  • Internal planning and 3D renders
  • Worldwide installations

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Home & Garden

Home & Garden Stretch Tents


  • Custom stretch tent
  • Fully managed, installed and cared for when not in use
  • Fitted to the side of buildings or freestanding
  • Book for your next party

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Management & Maintainence

Management & Maintenance


  • Expertly installed fixings and anchors
  • Fully managed set up + removal
  • Cleaning, repair and storage
  • Re-rigging and onsite maintenance
  • Annual service plans

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Branding, Colours & Design

Branding, Colours & Design


  • Internal + external branding
  • Custom colour matching*
  • Custom accessories
  • Digitally designed cut
  • 3D renders
  • Internal design, layouts + pole plans

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MyTent – Stretch Tents Made To Measure For Your Outdoor Space

MyTent offers bespoke stretch tents for your space, along with a no-hassle management package. Offering something a little different to standard awning and outdoor cover suppliers, we are stretch canopy specialists.

We’ll custom make you your own stretch tent, whether that’s made to measure for a space or designed around a moving/touring situation.

Using the best materials we’ll design and make you the perfect canopy for your requirements. We’ll then give you a tailor-made management package for your tent.

You won’t need to become an expert in rigging stretch tents or invest in the facility to look after and maintain the tents, we’ll do it all for you. Taking the stress out of owning a stretch tent.

Check out our blog article about MyTent here.