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Intent's pioneering stretch tent management service explained

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MyTent is a simple concept. We’ll design and make you your very own stretch tent, to fit your needs and situation and then take all of the hassle out of owning it by managing every aspect of the tent for you.

Great! But how does it work?

Let’s start with the tent… We specialise in designing stretch tent canopies for a range of situations:

Specific spaces, designed and cut to fit a space, perfect for pub gardens, venue spaces, rooftops and hospitality businesses. Check out some examples here.

The Bingham Hotel11

The Bingham Hotel, Richmond

Touring situations – a tent (or fleet of tents) for your brand, business or drinks company to tour the festival and live event circuit with over the summer months. Here’s one we made earlier!

white MyTent stretch tent with moet champagne bar underneath

White Stretch Tent for Equals Agency Managed under MyTent

The tents come in a range of colours, with branding and customisable features. To understand more about the design process and tent fabrication itself check out this blog post on this very topic.

MyTent – The Service.

Put simply – once we have made and shipped your stretch tent canopy we’ll then provide you with a service to suit your needs. We will install the tent for you, take it down, clean it, hang it dry and then store it at our warehouse until the next time you need it.

For the most part we won’t bother selling you the rigging equipment for the tent. We supply this equipment with our installation service. So if you are in a touring situation we will be able to provide the rigging equipment each time it is set up. Because stretch tents are so adaptable it means that we can configure the tent differently each time – this saves lots of money on equipment as we will provide the right kit for each installation.

If your custom stretch tent is made for a specific space, like a pub garden for instance, we’ll come and install the tent when the winter starts drawing in – fitting the tent to the space and providing the equipment needed each time. Usually this doesn’t change too much and you’ll have the same configuration each year. We’ll then come back when the sun starts shining again and take it away for you.

For either of the above situations, each time the tent comes down we’ll give it a good clean, spruce it up and then store it in our warehouse until you need it again.

Last Day's of Shoreditch21

Last Days of Shoreditch – Old Street, London

Who is it for?

For Fixed Locations: Pubs, Venues, Vineyards, Breweries, Private Houses, Event Spaces, Hotel Groups – Our client list for custom stretch tent covers many different businesses types.

For Touring: Brands, Bar Companies, Experiential Marketing Agencies, Event Venues, Touring Shows, Trade Stands, Food Vendors, Drinks Brands – You name it – if you are touring with a product or service we’ll be able to support you with our service.

Roofnic from above Urban_Rooftop_Gallery

The Marriott Hotel – Park Lane, London.

Why have us manage it? Let’s face it, you are probably busy enough. Stretch tents can be a tricky tent to master, especially if you have a big tent. We work with stretch tents specifically and know all the tricks of the trade to make them look their best, and most importantly be safe and pass the H&S officer. If you are busy trying to showcase your brand or offering, the last thing you need to do is learn how to be a tent company.

Looking after the canopy is very important. The tents can’t be stored wet, so they need to be hung dry each time they come down. It’s important to have them looking their very best so that it showcases your business or offering to its fullest potential.

How much does it cost?

Costs are all based around the size of the tent itself. However if, like a few of our clients, you keep a number of tents with us, we’ll work out a rate for you. If you have multiple events a year then a service package catered to your specific circumstance will be worked out before you buy the tent.

Why Intent?

Intent Productions were the first company in the UK to introduce the stretch tent from its native South Africa. Veterans of the live event sector touring festivals and events throughout the year and we’re known around the urban spaces, venues, private houses and rooftops of London too. We are the best at what we do and focus on stretch tents only – so you are in good hands.


We are very adaptable. Want to buy a stretch tent and have it installed but don’t want us to manage it? No problem. Get in touch to discuss the best solution for you. We provide all of the services within the MyTent management plan for any client. So if you want to look after your tent yourself, but need it cleaned once a year – we’ll do that for you.

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