Intent x Oatly

Intent's latest collaboration with Swedish brand Oatly

We have recently been working with Oatly in London and across the pond in Los Angeles.

Oatly - LA4

Stretch Tent for Oatly x Intelligentsia Pop-up in LA

Earlier this year our LA branch provided a Stretch Tent for Oatly x Intelligentsia in Los Angeles and this time round we are providing cover for the oat milk gang at Boxpark in Shoreditch, in a slightly different climate! In Shoreditch the collaboration is with Old Spike, a Peckham based roastery. 

Chino Stretch Tent for Oatly x Old Spike in Shoreditch

Stretch Tent for Oatly x Old Spike at Boxpark, Shoreditch

Working with us in the UK alongside Johan Holm, Event Manager at Oatly is Rik Haines, Senior Producer at Tarren Production. The two set-ups are fairly similar, both in urban environments and both on ballast but with one major difference – weather. For this reason we have included heaters in Shoreditch to keep you extra toasty whilst you sip your coffee.

We hope to be covering Oatly more in the future and will definitely be swapping to Oat Milk in our Lattes!

Stretch Tent for Oatly in Los Angeles    Chino Stretch Tent for Oatly in Los Angeles

Our Stretch Tent will be up all weekend so pop down to Boxpark Shoreditch until Sunday 9th April to grab a free coffee.

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