New Year, New Business: The Intent MegaRig & Truss Structures

Going Bigger, Better and Bolder with Stretch Tents

Intent_MegaRig_Stretch_Tent_at_Junction_2_FestivalMegaRig at Junction 2, 2017.

In the ever developing world of event structures, suppliers are constantly pushing forward to bring new levels of design, impact and style into the market. With this in mind, Intent have innovated and added stage truss to our hire stock giving our stretch tents the ability to make live spaces that tower above the standard venue and hold capacities into the thousands.

By combining top quality trussing with our huge stock of stretch tents we are able to custom design and build bespoke venues for festivals, pop-ups and events, with creativity, aesthetics and practicality at the heart of what we do.

What is the Intent MegaRig?

Large capacity festival tentThe MegaRig at Junction 2 Festival.

Over the last 3 years Intent have seen demand for large scale event structures go through the roof and our MegaRig configuration (a 40m x 30m stretch tent structure with 2000+ capacity) tour the national festival circuit.

The Hydra Stage at Junction 2 Festival saw our MegaRig towering over ravers using four tents and custom fitted truss poles to create an open, super sized stretch venue reaching 10m high and housing a 12 metre wide stage.

Intent MegaRig
Truss Structure

Hydra Stage at Junction 2.

Popping up at Lovebox later in the season as part of Fabrics take over stage, the MegaRig moved to Victoria Park to be clad in mirror, a little magic and London’s finest club sounds.

lovebox dance stage
Big is better. 40m x 30m marquee

Fabric at Lovebox.

Mega Stretch Tent 40m x 30m with Mirrored Interior at Lovebox Festival

Fabric at Lovebox interior.

The MegaRig already has a busy year ahead helping festival organisers with innovative builds, large scale parties and event spaces. Come and catch us and The MegaRig at Junction 2 in June 2018.

Truss Grids + Stretch Tents.  What they can Offer?

Whilst our MegaRig uses single truss towers to help create height plus our signature stretch tents peaks, truss grids offer large spacious structures with enough strength to support a whole host of production equipment, decoration and lighting. With the addition of truss grids to our stretch tent stock we can help provide everything you might need in terms of infrastructure for your venue, collaborating on the design of your space to installation.

Truss grid
Standon calling Truss tent

Cindy’s Motel, Standon Calling 2017.  

At Standon Calling last summer we used our truss grid to help create a stretch tent venue for Cindy’s Motel using custom torpedo domes (truss structure toppers that support the tent canopy) to keep our trademark peaks present whilst enabling lighting, props and a LED screen to be attached to the trussing.

Intent festival truss structureCindy’s Motel, Standon Calling 2017. 

With over 200 tents in our warehouse, in various sizes and colours, combined with a grid or pole truss support we can create a vast number of unique, large scale stretch tent venues for our clients.

Small But Perfectly Formed:

Southbank-Jimmys-Pop-Up-small-truss-stretch-tent-10Jimmy’s Lodge, The Winter Festival, The Southbank.

At the end of 2017 we worked with Jimmy Garcia to provide a stylish and practical bar cover for his pop-up on the South Bank for The Winter Festival. Jimmy’s Lodge featured a 10.5m x 6.0m tent rigged to a small truss grid with one end flying off of their bar container.

Southbank small truss structure Jimmy’s Lodge, The Winter Festival, The Southbank.

By using a truss rig we were able to deliver a clear-span space under the tent alongside a riverside view (with flame heater), a perfect spot for enjoying a hot toddy! To find out more about our work on the Southbank this Winter check out our last blog post here.

Winter tent coverJimmy’s Lodge, The Winter Festival, The Southbank.

With truss structures the potential for innovation is key. Not only can we create venues that are bigger than before but we can go higher and create a range of new configurations to rival big top marquees and saddlespan tents. With the aesthetics of a stretch tent and the adaptability of truss rigging, we can provide the bespoke installation that you need for your project.

If you would like to find out what Intent Productions can do to help you with your festival, event or pop up installation…

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