How many ways can you use a Stretch Tent?

Why a Stretch Tent might be ideal for your next outdoor space or event.

Intent works exclusively with stretch tents as they are the most versatile tent on the market, sculpting to fit your installation or outdoor space perfectly. Our extensive stock and specialist team enables us to create stretch tent installations to cover a wide variety of locations and builds, from intimate home parties to corporate events and city rooftops.

Depending on your site and the purpose of your installation, we can create a variety of effects using pole position, pole socks and lighting to create anything from traditional intimate closed tent structures to dramatic, open-sided, large capacity music venues. The options are endless.

Stretch Tents at Home

Are you planning a private event at home or need to add shelter at a private event venue? Stretch tents can work with the shape of your space flexing around trees, walls and existing garden features or can use them as anchor points for your canopy structure.


No matter how complicated the constraints of your private space, we welcome the challenge of fitting our stretch tents for your event. Tents can mould to fit between existing structures, fly over walls and even rig into water to help create your luxury space.

Mississippi Rig 1 Urban_Rooftop_Gallery

An Intent canopy rigged into a river in Mississippi

If you are looking for a larger structure for a public event, Intent Stretch Tents are custom made with a modular linking system so that structures join easily to add capacity, cover your multi-level space or help provide a large impactful installation for your festival site. If you need a complete installation package, we can work with our partner Halo Group to help design your whole multilevel installation.


An Intent and Halo Group multi-level stretch tent at Night Tales, Dalston.

Multilevel structures don’t have to be enclosed, the flexible nature of the stretch tent means that we can rig open faced bars to provide shade in hot weather as easily as closed structures for warmth and shelter from the rain in the cold.

Qatar - Goodwood3 Creative Structure gallery

A multi-level bar installation for Qatar Goodwood Festival

Partnering with Halo Group we can use a Creative Structure System (a bespoke steel framework) to create the installation you want to enable great views from your VIP bar, brand area or viewing platform.

Trussing at Intent for Mega Ventures

Intent are always looking to the future of the Stretch Tent and aim to push the boundaries of it’s use in the live events field. With this in mind, last year our design team set out to create some of the largest Stretch Tent structures rigged in Europe using trussing technology to push the height of our structures through the roof.

40m x 30m mega-rig stretch tent inside shot of stage

A 40m x 30m Mega-Rig Stretch Tent reaching 10m high at LWE’s Junction 2 Festival

With heights reached of 10 metres for London festival venues, the adoption of trussing technology has enabled Intent to create a new wave of 2000 people plus capacity venues whilst delivering the sleek look and adaptability of the stretch tent.

Lovebox 2014 Megarig14_No_Rubbish_Large_Image

An Intent Mega Rig for Lovebox Festival’s main stage.

Urban Spaces

Large stretch tents may lend themselves to the open site or festival, but that doesn’t mean the versatile stretch tent can’t create a great atmosphere in an urban environment. Intent’s installations are ideal for covering your city space in the colder months.

Last Day's of Shoreditch43

Multiple Stretch Tent Installation for Last Days of Shorditch

Learnt through years of rigging experience, Intent understands that as a city business you may not have the ability to peg a tent within your space, that’s why all tents come equipped with ability to anchor with ballast weights or can be fixed using anchors into flooring, walls or other solid surfaces.


Are you thinking of creating a rooftop runway from the crowds and are in need of weatherproofing from the sun and rain? Our design and build experts can advise on the type of build for your space to make sure that your installation can withstand wind and weather pressure. We can even work with our structural engineering partners on complex permanent installations for your year round rooftop needs.

Roofnic from above Urban_Rooftop_Gallery

A custom fitted Stretch Tent for Notch bar on The Marriott Hotel roof.

With more than 100 individual tents in stock (totalling 15,000 sqm), in a range of colours and styles we have the ability to cater for your event, no matter how bespoke.  Whatever your needs or dreams for your outdoor structure, our build and design teams are waiting to work on your projects. Here at Intent we welcome your next event structure challenge.

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