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Why Stretch Tents are made for live event marketing.

Live event marketing has long been recognised as one of the most effective methods of raising brand awareness.

chino stretch tent over the crowd at Chestertons Polo Hurlingham
Hurlingham polo marquee

Mahiki Rum Bar at Polo in the Park – London, UK.

Brands and marketing agencies all over the world are using our stretch tents in their activations for their event marketing at events to get their message across and engage people. A single tent can be rigged an infinite number of ways and in any environment, meaning that you can change the look and configuration every time. Our stretch tents are made for event marketing. Eye-catching and highly adaptable with limitless designs whilst easily branded and styled using lighting, projections and furnishings. Nothing draws a crowd like a stretch tent. Because it’s such a tried and tested approach it is more important than ever to harness creativity and innovation to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Recently two big names, Vans and Adidas, called on us to give them something a little different.

Vans Area at Pitchfork Festival  July 17th- July 19th 2015 – Union Park, Chicago, Illinois.

stretch tent rental for vans at pitchfork festival Chicago
vans marquee


EventPitchfork Festival – Union Park,  Chicago

Purpose – Vans Lounge and Re-charge tent

Tent size – 40ft x 35ft (12m x 10m) in Platinum

Brief: Create a branded lounge tent for festival goers to re-charge themselves and their phones. Provide enough space for couches, tables and a projector. Oh and…make it look epic!

Vans tent event marketing
Vans tent

The Installation: We used a 40ft x 35ft (12m x 10m) Platinum coloured stretch tent rigged over a steel-deck platform to create this little slice of respite from the main arena. We brought the space to life with some creative lighting, a projection space and skate boarding videos.


Install time – 4 hours – Strike Time – 1 hour

Distance covered – 4062 miles round trip

 Adidas Skate Copa Global Finals September 19th 2015 at The Berrics, Los Angeles, CA.

stretch tent with lights rigged at the berrics for the adidas skate copa global finals in Los Angeles 2015
Berrics tent 2015

ClientStarch Creative

EventAdidas Skate Copa – The Berrics, Los Angeles

Purpose – Visual attraction, re-charge area, chill-out space

Tent Size – 30ft x 20ft (8m x 6m) in Chino

Brief: Rig a tent in a hardstanding area (no pegs) which can be lit up to create a visually striking attraction for people to see as they walk into the site. Enough height for two plasma TV’s and space for couches

Light shines on inside of stretch tent for adidas skate copa with couches and tv
Adidas stretch tent

The Installation: We rigged this stretch tent by attaching to a fence running along the back of the site. The front edge was anchored using concrete ballast. The event started at 5pm and by nightfall the tent was bathed in light with the event branding projected on the building next door.

Install time – 2 hours      Strike Time – 40 minutes

Distance Covered – 32 miles round trip

stretch tent rental at the berrics with projections and lights at night
Skate Copa

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