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Create a Custom Tent with Intent Productions

Are you considering buying your own stretch tent? MyTent can help you design the perfect structure for your space with the help of a specialist in-house design team offering custom tent fitting, a range of tent colours and bespoke branding.

Want to see your tent in your space before making your final design decisions? That’s no problem too, MyTent’s design team can produce 3D renders of your tent in your space to show your business partners, event sponsors or festival organisers before commissioning your tent.

Colour your Tent

Stretch Tent colour swatches

Will your tent be part of a festival site and need to stand out? Will you be touring with your tent and want to attract the crowds or are you just looking for an installation with a difference? Colouring your stretch tent can add impact to your space.

MyTent works with Industry leaders RHI Stretch Tents to produce the highest quality stretch tents in a range of colours including Chino, Platinum, White, Black and Red. For larger custom tents, colour matching or bespoke colouring is also available.

Wonderfruit Festival 2014 Thailand 4 Festivals live events gallery

A custom coloured tent for Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand.


A Custom coloured Tent by Intent

Brand your Stretch Tent

If you are creating a sponsor area or installation, branded pop-up or would like to add messaging to your tent, bespoke branding is also possible with MyTent.

Taittinger_Branding_Taittinger copy

Custom branding on a Chino Stretch Tent

Provide our design team with your branding files and we can match them with your colour choice and installation measurements creating a one off tent, like no other, for your space.


3D Design at MyTent

Need to see your tent before commissioning it? Our dedicated 3D designers will work with your team to find the perfect solution for your space and provide visuals that will help contextualise the structure for your teams before commission and installation.

Somersault - Sharpes Visual_New

Whether your installation is a large structure with multi-levels or a small installation for a garden or courtyard, our design team are here to help you plan, design and build your bespoke stretch tent.

The Castle - Islington3

To find out more about our tents, design services and or maintenance packages Contact Us. 

Alternatively, to see past and present installations, take a look at our website or view our social media channels below.



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