Creating an Urban Circus at Lost Rivers Elephant

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Creative event and dining spaces in the heart of London have embraced the shipping container as the new building block and this summer we have been lucky to partner with Lost Rivers Brewery on a brand new venue just off of Elephant and Castle roundabout, Lost Rivers Elephant. Hosting a wild range of performers from magicians and bubble artists to circus performers, not forgetting live music and bbq food to boot, Lost Rivers Elephant has brought an exciting new type of urban circus to London’s central city streets.

Split into two parts, a Lost Rivers Bar and performance space, Intent worked with Lost Rivers Brewery to supply two separate canopies to create a one off industrial entertainment space. As the venue is truly unique, we thought that we would take an opportunity to showcase how we helped create this rustic, split level site.

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The Brief:

Back in 2016 Lost Rivers approached us with one of our most ambitious briefs to date, to help create an urban circus venue capable of supporting trapeze artist performances alongside a vibrant bar serving quality ales and craft lagers. We quickly started working with a range of teams, from structural engineers to specialist rigging suppliers to build what has become a multi-purpose venue capable of housing the whole range of circus acts.

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The Challenges:

Height and strength and then height and strength again. To overcome the needs and constraints of housing a trapeze performance we had to get technical, bringing in partners from Rigging Services to provide super strong tent poles (truss structures) to hold our canopy extra high and structural engineers to model the effects of both performers and the weather on the sites structure.

Bringing everyone together was a key factor, and several rounds of initial site drawings, expertly handled by our in-house design team. With their help we were able to see the space, internally and externally before progressing with the build, enabling us to keep everyone on track as thoughts and dreams turned into reality.


The Build

With everything falling into place, rigging day came around quickly and we were on our way to site with a custom made Chino 25.5 x 19m tent for the circus venue and another, smaller 17×13 m tent for the bar, pulling each into place with special ground anchors and lashings to make the shipping containers cosy and water tight.

2017-07-13 Intent Elephant_157_Lighter

We think the results were something special and were thrilled to help support the creation of another great live performance venue. Take a look at what’s happening next at Lost Rivers Elephant to experience the space.

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